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Singer Ahmed Sheba Bought An Apartment And A Car After This Song!

He has been a big name in wedding singing in Egypt, the folksy singer known for his Sha’abi style of songs has been in the show business for 11 years. And he never made enough money to buy a condo or own a car. As his full-time job was working at a car body shop. He never made that a secret.

But earlier this year, he leads with a song that changed his entire life and saw him hike up his fees for wedding and now the hard-working singer run into a little bit of luck and was able to purchase a condo and a new car and van! He learned so much from an article on van finance so he knew, he would have the best package! Before that, he was renting a place and hiring a driver to take him from one wedding to another.

In a recent interview it seems that host was a bit mean-spirited to him and has an elitist tone as she was interviewing the singer for the people. Ahmed Sheba, noticed that he zinged her for belittling him–good for him. It’s a sad song meant for mellow belly dancing about life and luck. It’s the standard Egyptian Mawal that has its fans. The guy has the voice and the talent to Tarab his way into many hearts.

Then the song kicks in and the full-dance mode is in full swing. Songs like these are about dancing, drinking, and doing drugs. The dancer is making money by moving her tail. She works hard for her money.

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