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Five Pop Divas From That 80’s That Actually Retired

Amira quit the music business and she really meant it. Unlike Sandy and Sherine who said they would retire then when they got the attention they needed, they changed their minds and denied their decisions. I do not like that, it tells us that the stars we like are desperate for attention and they are unable to get our attention by releasing good work.

Amira is known for a number of duets in the late 80s and early nineties. She sang that classic song with Ala Abdel Khalq and another one with Mohamed Mounir. But then she said no more and she meant it. Amira moved away from Egypt and left us with some of the most memorable tracks.

اميرة ياشمس غيبي Amira Yashms Gheby

Hamid & Amira – Zay Eltoyour I حميد الشاعري وأميرة – زي الطيور

Hanan Mady also was a big star in the same era but she said no more and she meant it too. She is the daughter of one of the violin played in the Umm Kalthoum band and studied music at home and the music conservatory and played the violin before she started doing her own tracks.

على الحجار المال و البنون و حنان ماضى

Dalia did sing in the 90s and thought she did not make a huge name for herself, she stood behind few beloved songs form that era. She came to Cairo from her little town and worked with Hamid El Shari in his collection albums and then released two solo albums and then there was nothing.
أنا بحبك انت بحبك زي م انت – داليا – اغنيه نادره جدا

One of the first voices I remember growing up around is Hanan, she was the it girl of the late 80’s and my sisters were into her and her music. We would play her tapes in the car as we drove around town in Dubai. She did great things in the early 90’s too, but in 1997 she called quits and mostly kept up her word. I will always have the memories.
حنان – 1987 حلوة – 01 الشمس الجريئة

Alya is a name few remember. Known best for her duet with Hisham Abbas from years ago. She was also part of the up and coming voices that together formed the Americana show. She did a number of albums with the group and then she went missing. We do know that she does not like the spotlight
هشام عباس وعاليه .. تعالى

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