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Published on April 1st, 2016 | by hotarabic


Abou Elleef: This Grizzly Man Singer Teared Up When He Sang (Video)

Abou Elleef was sick and has not been spotted in public for some time. Now the singer who once was next to nothing is back under the spotlight and he is all about the fans. It seems that he had health issues and before that his engagement was broken up and it did not play well in public. But the funny and talented vocalist seems to get emotional as he performed one of his songs in a TV interview appearance along with broadcaster Mona Al Shazly

This song of his is a faovirte of mind, a song about how we sometimes feel cheated and lost faith in people and family that we have loved and cherished. They have abandoned us and the song seems too real fro Abou Elleef as he ones was penniless and had no family bu then he made is big six years ago and all of sudden, his family has gotten bigger.

Half way through the song the singer tears up and his eye gets too wet, so he takes out a tissues and wipes those tears. It seems people in the studio felt it too.

معكم منى الشاذلي | ابو الليف يبكي بحرقة و هو يغني علي الهواء مباشرة

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