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Published on April 5th, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Guy Who Surrounds Himself With Belly Dancers…Loves His Mommy!

three movies out of five movies where belly dancers are featured, will be dancing to the songs of Mahmoud El Leithy. The Sha’abi singer all of sudden wants to be taken seriously and not just be one more sleazy wedding singer. So Mahmoud put on a suit, sat in an office and released a song about mothers.

For some he even went with the nerdy glasses. The song starts off with a sad Mawal that sets the mood and then Mahmoud El Leithy fires up his typical antics. This super long Mawal does end up feeling like a rap song a little bit.

I think he is working super hard to show his mommy that he loves her. But it would be far more effective he lives up to the things she taught him like not to be an asshole surrounding himself with half naked ladies to lure young men into movie theaters.

Mahmoud El Leithy – Ommy | محمود الليثي – أمي – أغنية عيد الأم

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