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Please, Tell Santana not to play Tel Aviv @SantanaCarlos @jvplive

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Millions of people around the world don’t want artists to play in a country where Palestinians have been exiled as refugees or forced to live under military occupation for almost 50 years. The Israeli government wants artists to perform in Israel, as though it’s just another normal country — but Israel’s decades of violating the rights of Palestinians are anything but normal.
I believe Santana wouldn’t have performed in Sun City in apartheid South Africa. So he shouldn’t perform in Tel Aviv in apartheid Israel either. Jewish Santana fans will be able to drive to his concert on Jewish-only roads, passing by streets of Jewish-only homes, protected by a legal system that privileges Jews above all others.

But if you’re a Palestinian fan, living in Gaza, Hebron, or Jerusalem, you won’t be able to see him perform. You might not even be able to leave your house.

One set of rules for Jewish Israelis. Another set of rules for Palestinians.

Those aren’t my values, and I don’t think they’re Carlos Santana’s values either. Click here to sign our petition, and ask him to cancel his concert in Israel.

Thank you for speaking up for justice,


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