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Yemeni Muslim and Jewish (R and 2nd L) guests attend the wedding party of 19-year-old Yemeni Jew, Yussef Saeed Hamdi (not in picture), in the village of Raydah in Yemen's Amran province, 70 kms north of Sanaa, on June 15, 2008. Hamdi is completing his studies in Jerusalem but he came back home to get married to a young woman from his community, according to relatives. A few hundred Jews still live in Yemen, but recent threats by rebels from the Zaidi minority made some leave their homes in the Saada province to the Sanaa region. Jews, like Muslims in tribal areas of Yemen, hold three-day wedding parties for their children who usually marry members of the same community. AFP PHOTO/KHALED FAZAA (Photo credit should read KHALED FAZAA/AFP/Getty Images)

Random: Jewish Men Pray To An Abdel Halim Hafiz Song!

They might be Jewish people with Arab heritage who wanted to combine the best of both worlds. The legendary music of Egyptian crooner Abdel Halim (Baligh Hamdy’s music) and the worship and prayer of the Jewish faith. It looks like these men have a sense of humor as they prayer syncs with the melody for that famous Abdel Halim Hafiz.

Some people are offended, but most are confused. Many of our people do not see music and prayer going hand in hand necessarily. But this group of men did it inside a Jewish temple. They are Mizrahi Jews as in Eastern breed so their culture is part of the dominant Arab culture.

I think it’s cool that we can still get along, music does cure the soul and speaks where words fail. It’s not a new thing to see Jewsih people channeling Arab art. Many of the cool catch phrases in Hebrew is “borrowed” from Arabic and how about the food? Not to mention the land.

يهود يؤدون صلاة على الحان اغنية لعبد الحليم

على حسب وداد قلبي – عبد الحليم حافظ

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