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Published on April 6th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Remember The 90’s? When We All Danced To This Song? Hamid and Hesham!

In one summer in the late 90’s we felt the spirit as this catchy duet was released and a music video came out to shower us with its sense of humor. Two pop dues who have been doing music for a number of years together came back for one more hit that was actually a fun track of joy, humor and upbeat dance.

Hesham Abbas took and the lead and Hamid El Shari teamed up again for it. When Hisham broke out years before it was Hamid who produced and arrangment music for him (and for some many young pop artists then) But this song was different as it did a deut not about love or anything in particular. But rather it was just a pure fun song that talks about love but not necessalry about it.

It was just a fun set of random things mushed together and made itself the hit song of the summer that rightfully means viral before viral was a big hit. The song starts with two broke guys hearing about a missing daughter for some rich dude and then the dreams start.

It was a catchy track with a Western vibe, you have two cool guys dreaming of falling in love. They have an adventure or do they?

Einy – Hesham Abbas Ft Hamied ElShaeri عينى – هشام عباس وحميد الشاعرى

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