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Published on May 27th, 2016 | by hotarabic


“Hessy Beya” Shows That X Factor Mohamed Rifi Is A Different Kind Of Pop Star

Mohamed Rifi is Moroccan but his voice belongs to more people that live inside the Kingdom. The winner of the X Factor is a different kind of pop star. He shuns the media much, does not chase the headlines and tries to do things differently. As he spends a great time of the US looking for inspiration. He did release a duet last year filmed in LA, and it was pretty fresh (see it here)
His voice is different though, it’s the kind that you either really love it and get in the zone by it, or just hate it to pieces. It’s hard not to compare his voice and his choice of style to that of the beloved Syrian legend George Wassouf. Rifi knows the comparisons and he tries to think outside of it.

This is what I felt watching his latest single which has been composed by one of the fixtures of Egyptian hip pop Essam Karika. The song puts Rifi in a new form and it sort of introduces him to a much larger audience in Egypt who love this style of songs. It’s a song out of this world as Rifi gets in the Tarab reign and runs with it. I pretty much love his Sultana, as in getting in the groove and delivering a song from the deep end.

People already cheer the song and appreciate its arrival. MS Production that brought the song to life is already doing great things. For some reason, I think Rifi has not been getting the support he needs to break out upon finishing the X Factor. So his new singles comes three years after his first appearance on that show.
محمد الريفى – حسي بيا | Mohamed Rifi – Hessy Beya

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