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Published on May 24th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Elissa Releases a New Song For a TV Drama #Ramadan

When you have a big TV show timed for Ramadan, you go on and hire the biggest vocalist you can afford and create a buzz and go on with a bang. The maker of a new TV drama “Ya Reit” did just that. They assembled a good cast, and spent so much money on their show (just look how fancy and crisp their outfits are). So they won’t go cheap on the promo song for the show.

They hired Elissa to sing for their show. You cannot get any bigger name than Elissa, and she is made for this song to sing about the betrayal and missed connections in love. In fact, Elissa tries to hit the high and low notes and blend in her sweet emotions for this track.

Elissa – Ya Reit from “Ya Reit” series / “اليسا – اغنية يا ريت من مسلسل “يا ريت”

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