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Published on May 31st, 2016 | by hotarabic


Brother Sami Yusuf Took Over The City Of Nazareth @samiyusufofficial #SYSurpriseVisit

Islamic rock star Sami Yusuf just had his biggest and most historic concert to date. And it took place in the historic city of Nazareth. Droves of Palestinians turned out to see their favorite artist perform this Ramadan some of his best songs. More than a 100 thousand people packed the street to see Sami do his magic show with music.

Just the images are enough to intimidate those record companies that have bet against Sami Yusuf. Thousands piled on thousands to enjoy a nice of faith inspired music that is actually entertaining. Sami did not disappoint he wrote that Palestinian Kafyah with so much pride. The city’s municipally did a great thing by inviting this world-class artist.

Think of that drone that captured those dazzling images. This concert made Sami Yusuf the first international artist to perform in Nazareth for an unprecedented 100,000 + (both inside and around the vicinity) who came from all over to see and listen to him. Many thousands were unable to attend due to travel restrictions. Nazareth is a city where faiths go to get along. You can now rest assured, more artists would have an appetite to perform there.

MUST SEE! Over 100,000 come to see Sami Yusuf | 2015 سامی یوسف – حسبی ربی

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