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Egypt is Great Sings One Lebanese! Egyptians “Will Take Your Word For It”

Egypt of right now is far from being great, where its currency undervalued, it’s unemployment is as high as they come and its security as as shaky is one of that country’s belly dancers. But not to worry, here’s a drop dead gorgeous pop singer who just released a song for Egypt, telling us all that that place is great.

It’s a good place with good people for sure, but it’s unstable, unsafe, and crazy. Thanks to the military who have turned the people against each other and have auctioned off their country to the highest bidder. Viviane Mrad is a cool cat of Lebanese pop, here she is trying to sell her name by singing for 90 million people by one song. Nancy did it and so has Haifa too, so what’s good for the duck….

فيفيان مراد | مصر عظيمة | (Viviane Mrad | Masr 3azeema (Audio

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