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Have You Heard @Noelkharman1 Mashup? It’s Golden!

Noel Kharman did a beautiful thing in 2015, late that year when she took the hit song “Hello” by Adele and turned it into something special not only for Arab music fans but for the entire world.

She is from the North side of Palestine the famous Carmel Mountain near Haifa. Up there she grew up and started performing theater and music in local festivals. She also speaks half a dozen languages and she had already done a celebrated Christmas album

Noel is aiming high and in November 2015 she had that chance and more than 7.5 million views on her video agree with us. This is a mashup for “Hello” and one of Arabia’s (Lebanon) most iconic divas, Fairouz. There is that international fame for the subject song and that famous Arab song that warm’s one heart.

It’s impressive to see someone who is not even 20 something appreciated by millions around the world. I tell you, her Adele’s cover is worth every single beat. And then the song goes into a different direction. I love it. “Kifak Inta” is comparable to hello in terms of the story, progression and topic. Wow, switching gears in between melodies and languages looked so effortless.

Noel Kharman-Hello-Adele/Fairouz كيفك انت – فيروز(Mashup)

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