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Indie Accordionist Youssra ElHawary Captures The Flag @YoussraElHawary

Almost four years ago, we came to love this skinny young woman playing her accordion and skewering reality with a fun song about everything and nothing but it showed she enjoys a great sense of humor and special talent.  She Sang for the wall that sent her on a detour and the internet cheered her arrival. So she kept making fun singles and has taken over the internet in her quiet ways. Take her latest release, it was recorded in France where the recording studio offered their services from free because they liked the project.

So her latest is a song about the flag and country. She is singing for her country and the people without invoking politics. Because the flag is for all and not one faction and not the other. This is a sobering song from someone who seems too tired to believe in the ideal. The track has a Greek and French flavor much like that tragedies from those land.  I feel she is real when she is, I love when I see our flag high. But she is not singing out of touch, she knows things are bad but that won’t stop her from dreaming.

It’s heartwarming to see Youssra composing again.

Youssra ElHawary – El-Alam (The Flag)

Lyrics: Salam Yousry
Music/singing/accordion: Youssra El Hawary
Saz: Abdallah Abo Zekry
Drums: Matthieu Lozano

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