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Published on May 22nd, 2016 | by hotarabic


Low Energy Melhem Zein Keeps Singing Well

Melhem Zein  is a household name in the Arab world–known best for his hit songs and his breakout on Super star more than a decade ago. This lovably cuddly singer from the mountains of Lebanon does not like the show business. He is Mr. Nice guy and folks love him. But for the most part Melhem Zein does not like the nightlife. He is a family guy and comes across as an old man.

That’s as far as his persona goes, but his voice is clear to everyone–fascinating. Gone are the loud and part songs he was known for, he is now doing more romantic songs that are dark. Not sure maybe this is the public mood in Arabia as everything is dark at the moment. So happy song does not come out as much. Maybe because the talents are not inspired to write/sing them.

In his latest single, the topic is a loved one who has a hobby of making his lover miserable by leaving him often. This is like torture, not knowing you are one or off.

Melhem Zein – Endak Hiwayi [Audio] / ملحم زين – عندك هواية

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