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Published on May 28th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Majid AlMohandis Just Delivered A Romantic Hit #Wahashtini @majidalmohandis

Majid remains the number one Iraqi singer in the Khaleej region. This smart entertainer has perfected a style of songs loved by folks in the Gulf. He developed his own line as a musician and a delicate soul. He is also a sharp dresser and you can say a handsome man. So when he drops a new song, he gets into one’s heart. To be fair, many of his fans are not just in the Khaleej. He hold unto them by doing songs in his own native dialect or the modern standard Arabic

He plays the believable guy in love as he walks around the streets of Paris and London with that model. I think he keeps impressing his fans with his love songs but his dance songs meant for the Khaleeji pay the bills. Songs like this song below get him respect and a wider audience.

Majid has become that classy bankable hit maker whose songs have a diverse base of fans and he does that by making music and not talking to much thus creating some halo around him. He does feel that his songs are coming from deep withing his soul and it does sound like he is a man who knows what love. Certainly his songs deliver warm emotional experiences .

Majid Al Mohandis … Wahashtini – Video Clip / ماجد المهندس… وحشتيني – فيديو كليب

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