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Published on May 10th, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Resourceful @BalqeesFathi Delivers A Fresh Pop Knockout #انت_بلقيس

Balqees is the Yemeni daughter of a music legend and if everything she is doing holds for few more years, she will be her own legend. The Emirate national has shown to be a savvy entertainer where she has the talent and the chops to hold her own grounds in music. But that’s not why she is so good and she is so well-known, she also excels in her choices and how strategic she is about the dialects and the styles of her songs.

Balqees also has a good team in Al Said family in Dubai who know the business and operate their own recording studio and production house. Fayez is like a brother to Balqees, but this is all her work though. She is the one releasing those hits and selling them on music videos that are just cheerful when they need to be and dramatic when it calls for that. So Balqees follows the styles of American pop stars who are always changing and adapting. This way they keep the press busy and the fans guessing about what will they see next?

Here’s Balqees in the latest fairy tale in some exotic village  where fantasia is still a live and well. This is a Lebanese song with a Lebanese team and a director.Balqees is already the number one star in the Khaleej but no art’sts success is full until they get the attnetion of Lebanon.  There is so much going in here and so much styles and colors. It’s good but this is also a great song for Balqees that shows she is not a regiona star but one that is able to thrive in all muci markets within Arabia.

Balqees … Enta – Video Clip | بلقيس … إنت – فيديو كليب

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