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The Time Tamer Hosny Shared The Stage With Ramy Gamal, It Was Fireworks! @tamerhosny @RamyGamalMusic

Tamer Hosny is a well-known name and a beloved pop star. Thought he has matured a bit and become a family man, he remains a big name in entertainment and now he is with Saudi Rotana so he has enough money to pay the bills. He may not be able to be as cool as he once was, he may not be able to releases singles as often as he did, but he will always be a big name.

Last year he did a mega concert and since one of his songs was a hit and that hit was composed by none by the charismatic and talented musician Ramy Gamal, the two did something cool. They performed the song together live and I tell you it was a real delight. I wish we see more of these collaborations because sometimes when good talent comes together in good faith, good things happen

Tamer is known for not liking sharing the stage with anyone, as he has rarely done any duets in his long career. Plus he does not invest time in cultivating relationships with his peers. This is not to say he is not a hard worker because he is. He chases hits wherever they take him. This performance with Ramy Gamal I enjoyed a lot last year “180 Darga” is a perfect love song about giving up on the wrong guy and holding unto the right love. Not to mention the wonderful music crafted by Ramy Gamal. Ramy Gamal emerges on the stage and the audience go wild. That guitar in Ramy’s hands speaks volumes of his specialty.

Tamer Hosny FT Ramy Gamal 180 Darga / تامر حسني – رامي جمال ١٨٠ درجة

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