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The Time Tamer Hosny Gave Bahaa Sultan A Hit Song

Tamer Hosny is known for many things. But as a star who helps make other stars he is not. The self-centered entertainer (movies, music, social media). There was a time when he collaborated with Free Music that made him who he is. And since he worked in there same label, he manged to give one of the big names working under the same label a hit song.

There are many artists who have Tamer Hosny their best, like Karim Mohsen who composed many popular hits for Tamer Hosny. But this time it was Tamer who actually gave a hit to a fellow artist. He worked with Bahaa Sultan on that songs where they demand respect from the person who speaks with them by standing up.

The song was a hit in the ealry 2000 and it became a cultural phenomena. Tamer Hosny even appears in the music video doing his thing and dancing like a little boy. Seriously, this was a catchphrase and a sweet song. I do not think Tamer Hosny manged to do the same thing with another artist. Tamer Hosny sings as a chorus here. Bahaa was like a big brother and a brand, back then Tamer Hosny was just starting to be a household name. Tamer stood in the music video like an expensive  model, it’s like he wrote the lyrcis and composed the music and won’t let go.

Bahaa’ Sultan(ft.Tamer Hosny) : Oum O2af بهاء سلطان وتامر حسني : قوم أقف

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