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Two Terrorist Sympathizers Release A Homoerotic Love Song!

Mishari Alafasy & Fadl Chaker just released a duet where one missed the other and the second tells the first, thanks for checking in. Now Mishari Alafasy has been endowed with tear-inducing voice that has sweetness and this Kuwait native used his voice to recite the Koran and lead people in prayer. Mishari Alafasy also did a number of songs and made a lot of money he profited from the prophet. He also sang for the Kuwaiti and Khaleeji invasion of Yemen and has expressed support for terrorists who are fighting Iran and its agents.

Now Fadel Chaker we all know, he was a crooner who took up arms–or at least posed with them. Fadel also spoke tough and talked like a gangster for a bit. He also palled around violent people and questionable religious figures. Right now Fadel is sort of a pariah in Lebanon where he is living inside a refugee camp hiding from the long arm of the law. Naturally, people of the Khaleej protect him and support him because he has been vocal about how much he hates Iran–so he is one of their own now.


So the duo just released a duet and you can hear it below. This is a big opportunity for the both of them as Fadel could use the extra publicity and the support of such an influential figure as Mishari. Mishari could use the extra attention as he is seen throwing a beloved (and hated) figure a life line. There is a lone in the song where the artist tells the other, we are one body! Of course they throw in God in few times. Joking aside this is a good song.

مشاري راشد العفاسي و فضل شاكر Duo فقدتك – Mishari Alafasy & Fadl Chaker Faqattek

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