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WATCH: MC GAZA – من غزة إلى حلب From Gaza to Aleppo #أحمر #Red @McGaza

Ibrahim Ghunaim aka MC Gaza sees Aleppo goes to hell and before it his saw his own Palestinian town put through well few times already. So he drew an analogy how the blood in Aleppo is similar to the blood in Gaza, how the plight of the Syrians for freedom of oppression is one and the same as the Palestinian plight.

We may disagree on politics of views on Syria, but we are all united that blood should not be spilled in pursuit of power. This is what decent people believe. MC is filled with rage as he walks the ruins of Gaza it really similar to what we see on the ruines of Allepo. So MC Gaza is not wrong. He went with the title red and he event manged to pain some of these ruines red to broadcast his message.

This is a bitter about the whole Arab thing and the collective inability of anyone to stop the bloodbath in Syria like they were unable to come to rescue Gaza. This might be some of finest work  by this sharp rapper with a gift for writing from the a bleeding heart

MC GAZA – من غزة إلى حلب From Gaza to Aleppo #أحمر #Red

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