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The Week @ZAPtharwatAXEER Took Over Egyptian Music

The world knows Zap Tharwat as Song writer, author, rapper, poet and a biker in that order. He is now has solidified his standing as the leading voice in Egyptian underground and alternative music. This seems like a special week for the charming hit-maker as he had not one song go viral but two. these two songs come with two different messages, styles and music. This is something not even the big names of Arabic pop can do.

Zap did it as his songs are now trending not only in Egypt but even in the Khaleej and in between. His first song is an indie track from his upcoming feature film about student activism. In this song he is cursing his fame because it’s too much for him to bear. Well, Zap is a real big deal and Egyptians outside follow his art even though they may disagree with him. There is so much inner rage by this social responsible rapper.

The second song for Zap that went viral is a song where he appears next to Hamza Namira, Omar Sammur and Ben Eaton. He does his rap magic trick and stands tall among some other awesome vocalists. It seems London and Europe is where many talented Egyptians are free to be creative nowadays. When it comes to Egyptian rap, there is no bigger name than that of Zap Thawrat, he is not a joke but rather an artist who respects his crafts and works hard to challenge himself.

Zap keeps making waves, giving these A rated pop stars a good run for their money and in the process he is raising a new generation of indie vocalists who can go it alone.

Zap Tharwat Ft. Sary Hany – Mal3ona El Shohra | زاب ثروت و ساري هاني – ملعونة الشهرة | @AxeerStudio

Remix with Hamza Namira | Ya Nes Jaratli ( Hamza Namira – Zap Tharwat- Omar Sammur -Ben Eaton)

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