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Published on June 13th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Beef Cake Mohamed Nour Mixes Things Up

You will find many beef cakes–muscular guys around Arabic entertainment. You all also find handsome men working in the industry. But guys who are both are not many–Mohamed Nour is both. But he also sounds like your favorite sweet voice that men find good and women find charming. The Egyptian pop star had met a lot of sauces as a solo artist, but he is also a member of WAMA Band and he appeared on files before.

Nour does seem to spend a great deal in Lebanon and this is where he filmed this music video in the sea on some nice boat with his lady. This is a nice and sweet and lowdown vibe. Nour is one of the cool guys who got it. Even for the music video is dressed right for the occasion.

the music video has a surprise, the artists features his own son Omar who does a cute cover for the song. I must say this is awesome. Stars hide their private life, not Nour. It’s a nice gesture that adds to the song.

Helwa El Ayam Remix – Mohamed Nour حلوة الايام ريمكس – محمد نور

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