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Hoda Soltan: When Actresses Rock Out

I grew up thinking that Egyptian talent Hoda Soltan is an actress. But my parents knew her as an actress that sings amazing songs back in the days of the golden cinema era. I am watching this older songs of hers that is worthy of the Umm Kalthoum herself. A song that was composed by the same talents that gave us a taste of this lady’s range. She was an actress, known for Awdat al ibn al dal (1976), Foreman Hassan (1952) and The Bad Tempered Man (1956).

Hoda gets it and she has the voice and the skills to perform poetic songs that we all memorize. The song was performed by Hoda in one oh her most impressionable films. The late Hoda Soltan passed away in 2006 and we are left with her legacy.


هدى سلطان فى رائعتها إن كنت ناسى افكرك كلمات محمد على احمد لحن الموسيقار رياض السنباطى

In konti nassi-Hoda Soltane

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