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The Last Egyptian Diva Angham Ain’t Done yet!

Diva Angham is keeping a busy pop music calendar it seems she enjoyed her massive success and her really well executed album that she came back for more. That’s good news for us in the world who like and enjoy the music of Angham. She did just give us one more hit that’s just a fun song to listen to this summer.

It’s the second single from Angham this year and it comes from the dialect we love her in the most–Egyptian. She has also been busy performing in the Egyptian house of opera, all while she is helping Egypt Air promote their brand in the wake of the doomed flight. Angham is the leading female voice in Egypt–she is one of three but she has the longer resume.

It’s a complex song like we come to expect from her! The song is about a wholesome/complete woman that to me is all about complexity. In other news, she delivered a passionate and personal speech this week when some of her fans heckled her for being late–she was held up for interviews. She delivered a speech that made everyone who doubted her in the audience feel bad. See the speech here 

Angham – Wahda Kamla [Lyrics Video] | أنغام – واحدة كاملة

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