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Palestinian Revolution Makers Release A New Remix

Tired of the political gridlock and the political talk that mounts to hot air, young artists in Palestine keep trying to rejuvenate the calls to bring about Palestinian unity. So Revolution Makers returned with a new remix that asks a simple question “What’s Going on” It’s a mess where the two leading political parties are playing football with the lives of close to 2 million people trapped in Gaza for close to a decade.

It’s a rap song that feels like it came out of the suffering and agony in Gaza where youth are aging in silence as they marsh nowhere. There is a lot of rage, bitterness and stories that goes unnoticed….Why cannot they get along, it beats these young rappers who channels all of that into a song.

Members: Mohammed Elsusi ( Founder ) Osama Elsusi Mohammed Khira Technician Assistants Rezek Elmadhoun Haitham Nuraldeen
Revolution Makers – What’s Going On Remix ( Lyrics) صناع الثورة – ايش النظام ريمكس

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