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Remember When This Song Was So Cool?

I remember when the unstoppable Egyptian pop star Moustafa Amar was making one hit after another. Every summer it seemed he was that train that never missed and got people to dance. Then there was that summer when he had the biggest hit of the season and he literary owned the airwaves with that “Al Leila Doub” song.

The track was everywhere and it was in every radio. Few months later, he were told to wait for a music video, we did wait. And all of sudden it came and it was supposed to be the biggest thing ever. For me it was a good song that has a music video that does not really capture the song. While some serious money were spend to film this on some Asian beach resort, it just felt forced. Plus the song had to be introduced by more than one minute and half in prelude.

And all of sudden we get this colorfully dressed dancers doing their thing. And yes the camera man focused on body parts and the dances where a bit much for the time. Like it was a night club dress and moves, only it was on daylight. The models and dancers all seem to be dancing to a different song.

Moustafa Amar : Al Leila Doub

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