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Shameless! Yemeni @ArwaOnline Sings To The People Who Bomb Her Home!

Arwa is a lovely pop star and TV host form Yemen…while Yemen is being bombed by everyone and their mother, the singer did releases a song not for her native land but her the party that has been killing its people including many children. Yes Arwa is singing for Saudi Arabia and she is so proud of the paycheck she will get. Just a reminder though that check would be soaked in blood of the innocents in Yemen.

I cannot fault her much though because as people we do not respect freedom of speech. She has made a nice living in the Gulf away form Yemen, and had she not done this song–they may have thought she hated them for bombing her own people. So Arwa likes the good life, so comes this song.

“Saudi I’am” roars the song! Another thing, many Yemenis who do well in life are often asked to become Saudi citizens and move to Saudi Arabia, many Yemenis feel robbed by those actions. I do like the regions within Saudi Arabia that Arwa highlights here

Note the prominent green color as in the Saudi flag. Also note that traditional Saudi dress.  Arwa wants to suck up to the people who pay her bills. I wish Saudi was such a romantic place as Arwa shows it to be. I wish both Yemen and Saudi well!

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