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Published on July 17th, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Amazing @hibatawaji Travles Back In Time! @OussamaRahbani

Blessed those musicians who work hard to out do themselves, enrich our music heritage and entertain the fans. This is how I feel about the new song and music video by the lovable charming Hiba Tawaji. For half a decade now the Lebanese vocalist and theater maven has been rocking it with music meant for the masses around the world. With music that has a universal appeal, a look that’s worthy of envy and a voice meant for the ages, she is able to do that.

But Hiba sings in many tongues and on many stages around the globe she always comes to life in Lebanon where her heart beats and her music sounds so much better live. But for the rest of us around the planet we still can get pretty close to the perfection of her voice and the genius in her performances by watching one of her latest releases. An old All-Arabic poem that she turned into a story. A girl in a village going back in time and enjoying the simple things but never failing to deliver a passionate poem as she recites it and then sings it.

I just have nothing but joy and love as I enjoy this song and discover this poem–which by the way is performance in an upcoming theater play. This is part of the celebrated music legacy of the legend Mansour Rahbani that seems to be like a ever flowing river. Hiba Thawaji is just a perfect vehicle to deliver such a classy musical experience that remains one of the fewer and fewer things we can Arabs agree on these days.

I have been impressed by the collaborations of Oussama Rahbani and Hiba who seem to make a harmonious duo, I have also enjoyed watching Hiba perfect her craft with every single release, she started good, but now she is headed toward greatness. Oussama’s vision and music work draw from a large reserve of experience and passion for all things artsy and classical.

Hiba makes music for the soul and from the heart which allows her to have a career longevity and a name that we will remember. Unlike commercial artists such fame may take awhile, but when Hiba gets there, she will be there for a really long time.

Hiba Tawaji – La Omri [Official Music Video] (2016) / هبه طوجي – لعمري

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