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Published on July 12th, 2016 | by hotarabic


A Very Depressing Mansour Zayed Returns

One of the most promising young vocalists from the UAE returns with a new single and I know I am game. This is Mansour Zayed and he sounds so much better in this music video. For me, the young and romantic singer shot to fame five years ago and he was inescapable but all of sudden I did not find much of his whereabouts or songs. He had a big album then and was a fixture in most mega concerts around the UAE.

Now he sounds like he suffers from a broken heart as this new depressing song by him lands. the song is about saying goodbye and parting away with one’s romantic dreams. I like him upbeat and not in this way. He has so much within him and he deserves way better. Not sure what is it but Mansour Zayed is trying to do something different, and something is not clicking.

I mean this is a pretty picture and a nice music video with some neat effects with water and fire. But the lyrics make it sound as if he is whining. I hope you disagree with me. He is still making music with Rotana though so, maybe we can blame them

Mansour Zayed … Wada’an – Video Clip | منصور زايد … وداعاً – فيديو كليب

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