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Published on July 21st, 2016 | by hotarabic


Mamma Bear Ahlam “Do Not Cross Me” Song Arrives!

Ahlam does not care anymore. She is a household name in every single Arab home that has a TV and or an internet connection. The fiery and outspoken Emirate pop hit-maker does not shy away from confrontation. She has a running list of enemies in the music scene who speak ill of her and then she goes to war against them on twitter. Many big names in the pop scene suffered by clashing with her as she is deep-pocketed and she makes it rain. So she can buy friendly press coverage for herself and ugly ones for her foes.

So let’s examine her name single release about how she tells folks not to cross her as her revenge is too great. She is right about that. I do not find me playing this song again though. It’s a really good song, it has good music and Ahlam’s voice is powerful and entertaining. I think it’s meant for a different listeners than people like me. There is honey like attribute about her voice that no one denies. She knows how to sing for sure.

I know the song is already a hit in the Khaleej countries and that’s a big tell.

جديد فنانة العرب أحلام – كيدي عظيم (حصريًا) | 2016

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