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The Saudi Green Soccer Blues By @Mohd_Raf3h

He writes, he composes music, and he is a stand up comedian and his name is Mohammad Bin Rafa’a. So when a stand-up comedian releases a love song for his one of his country’s biggest soccer team. He is joking with them about dreaming to see them play in the World Cup or some other big league game. It’s about sports and those who love it so much. He sounds like a guy with a broken heart, a guy who hanged in there for his team, but in three decades they have not brought him joy.

I am not big on sports but I know it’s like drugs for people around the globe. But Mohd Raf3h has a song and he is sharing it with the fans of his humor and that share a club with him. It’s a new wave of Saudi internet celebrities who want their team to wini, they are yearning to see them win. So back by the fans demand, the Ahly team should start winning again.

محمد بن رافعة – تناديك رغبات الجماهير

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