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Published on July 30th, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Breathtaking Hadi Aswad Gasping For Oxygen!

Siblings who sing are not very common. I can think of only two siblings who do sing separately and have a somewhat thriving music career. Let’s zoom in on Hadi Aswad, the Syrian pop star whose brother Shadi is another popular singer. Hadi is the younger of the two but the brothers seem like fun people who have been gifted amazing voices.

Hadi competed on Super Star more than a decade ago, though he did not qualify for the first season, he did make the cut on the second season and left the show on a high note. His performance on the show was full of surprises as Hadi kept training and refining his voice so each of his appearances on the show was a new treat for the audiences at home.

Hadi did release few songs here and there and even filmed couple of music videos, but he also did a sweet duet with his brother that was filled with brotherly love and advise. Here’s his latest release and it’s pretty nice. I wish I followed up more on the Aswad family, they are talented–how could they not be they are Syrians! Hadi, if you were reading this, know that my lovely wife used to have a crush on you.

هادي أسود – أوكسجين | Hadi Aswad – Oxygen

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