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Published on August 25th, 2016 | by hotarabic


It’s 2016 But Nagham’s New Song Feels Like The 90’s Are Back!

I liked the 90’s and I like those musicians who made music in that era. This is why it’s so cool to hear a brand new song that feels like a song that was made 20 years ago without being old and beat to death. We have a new pop star and her name is Nagham. I believe this is her debut song and it looks and sounds really entertaining.

Why not, when the man behind the song is none but Nasr Mahrous who stands behind many of the 90’s and the 00’s songs that w elove so very much. Make no mistake this is an Egyptian pop song with a beat. I like the song, the musican arrangment. I did not place a heavey weight on the voice or the lyrcis. But there are pretty catchy for sure. Nagham does her best cheeky girl. I think the teens will like it a lot and I am just happy to be hearing something that could have taken place in the 90s.

That’s a simple location and set, filmed inside some villa.
Nagham – 3amla Nafsy Nayma (Official Music Video) | (نغم – عامله نفسي نايمه (فيديو كليب

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