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Ehab Tawfik Whistles (Not Sings) An Old Favorite

Egyptian pop star made a comeback by releasing a new album–his first in seven years. And it’s actually a decent album where we are reminded of his great moments and the talent that is Ehab Tawfik. He is enjoying the success of his album despite all the negative attacks against him–not on his songs but on his person.

Appearing on one of the most popular talk shows in his country, he spoke in length about some of these controversies and he also sang for the fans. But one segment of the show was interesting (for some it might be odd) The singer wanted to do something fresh so he whistled one of his old songs but he did not sing it. Remember that 90’s song “Mahmosh Fi Eltaeb” It was a hit and still a really awesome song. Not sure how I feel about this whistling business.

العاشرة مساء|ايهاب توفيق يغنى” ملهمش فى الطيب يا قلب يا طيب” بالصفارة

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