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The Effortlessly Cool And Fun @Esseily Releases A Delightful Song

Mahmoud El Esseily disappeared for three years or so and now he returns with a new pop hit. The man who had a good run in the 00’s is back asking for a slice from the pop chart. He is the likable singer with an American education (but supported the military coup against the first ever democratically elected president of Egypt) But that was 2013 let’s us see what he has for us in 2016

It’s all good, Mahmoud El Esseily has a new fresh hit for us and his sense of humor is hard to deny.  His recognizable voice is all his and it’s not even close to any other pop star. Boy is chilling with his European looking buddies and the model along with her gang shows up and then boys will always be boys.  I enjoyed the dance beat from Esseily and when some people tried to mess with him about the model being taller than him–he joked about it and took price in her height. I love that about him

That’s a neat music video with some awesome lyrics and a good vibe meant for those late summer parties.  Mahmoud El Esseily is making a notable comeback and hope to see more of him in those late summer parties and concerts. He is truly a delightful pop star who has good charterer. The music of his songs and production really perfectly fit his “Riwish” style. You will enjoy his sarcastic dancing too. We have missed him and so glad he is back in action
Mahmoud El Esseily – Ya Nas (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | 2016 | (محمود العسيلي – يا ناس (حصرياً

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