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The Fine Khaleeji Singer @daliamubarak Goes For Funky And Reaches For The Stars

Dalia is making a big leap by filming a new music video with a household name in Arabic music video production. The Saudi native and really really amazing singer with a huge talent made waves last year with the release of her single “The Tables has turned” and few more singles later a full fledged album came out and the UAE musician and producer Fayez Al Saeed has his signature on it.

But make no mistake, Dalia is the star and she deserves every thing she has, her voice is something that’s heard to replicate or imitate. Her personality is all hers and it’s wonderful. But for her her emotions are where I am the biggest fan, she communicated them in her music so well. It’s like if her heart has its own heart and from there come there lyrics she sings.

This time though, Dalia wanted to do something cool, funky and trendy and that’s what director Bassam Al Turk gave her. A hip hop/60’s inspired vibe with its own dance, and Dalia really shows a new energizing self. The music will take this song to more cars and more parties. I love the new looks for Dalia and start to think Arabia might be having her first Rihanna.  I think we had so many other Khaleeji female artists who were either talented or cool. Dalia is one of the few ones that are able to do both and elevate the Khaleeji song with her.

داليا – يا حاسدي (فيديو كليب حصري) 2016

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