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Good Things Are Still Happening In Egyptian Pop@Rana__Samaha @Mina_Atta_

Two of the hottest young up and coming pop stars in Egypt have teamed up for a duet. Not about love this time but about life and making the most o fit. Their message to their fans, live your life and do not worry about everything, do not worry too much and be happy. This is not a soft drink commercial that poses as a decent pop song, but rather a very hip song with a catchy melody and a very positive happy vibe.

Funny how life is now as we are all glued to our phones, and real life is happening around us. Rana Samah and Mina Atta take us on a tour for the awesome and clean streets of Egypt. they also show us happy families and everyday folks. The filming of this music video is  interesting and the images it shows are true. What seems like a conservative man refusing to be held by a young woman to help him cross the street.

Then he really needs it and she is there for him. Mina and Rana are rocking this life filled life. Do what you feel like doing. I like this song a lot and the message. I believe the singers have a good thing going for them. They have added to their own careers and gave us a late summer pop hit that will be lingering for some time.  Well done folks,

I like their song and love the music video but the message hard to go wrong. Egypt needs that optimism right now and that sunny outlook that has been gone for some time. Mina and Rana are there to deliver such experience.
رنا سماحة ومينا عطا – عيش حياتك | فيديو كليب

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