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This Indie Artist Loses His Faith In General Sisi’s Egypt

Yasir was and still an indie artist in Egypt, during the years of Morsi he released a song making fun of the president for starting talks with the IMF for loans. At the time Yasir felt the country is slipping away so he recorded and released that song. The media loved it and used it against the sitting democratically elected president. A short while after, the army takes Egypt by force and imprisons Morsi and any one they suspect to have affinity in their heart for president.

Fast-forward and Yasir is back with a song poking fun of Egypt and how he was taking for a ride, the media did not care for his song this time because it alludes to the sad and sorry state of Egyptian society. In the song Yasir skewers himself and the rest of his people about how they were dumb enough and how this current regime makes them pay for it. The media and the intellect are in bed with the army and the ones with a dissident opinion are in jail or kept out for it in exchange for their silence. The views for the songs are coming in fast and the song has gone viral because it breaks it down in a blunt way that states the obvious. Salute the flag, we are all under the flag, so yes patriotism is a refuge for assholes of the army regime.

طلعت قفه – ياسر المناوهلي

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