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I Like The New Song By @sandyofficial But Unsure If It’s Sexist @levantina_

Egyptian girl pop heroin has made a very nice career out of easy listening tracks about simple matters. Songs about life and love that young folks find them fun to listen to. Sandy’s songs do expresses and speak of generation Z and to be honest I have enjoyed some of her songs for years.

Sandy just released a new album “Love” and to be honest there are so many songs on it that are fun to listen to when you are driving and want nothing too complicated or too loud. So this was a good album. Now, comes a song on it that might be a bit bold and perhaps provocative even. A love song where Sandy tells her lover to flirt with her in the right moment. It’s a sweet song for sure and Sandy does a fine job playing a character about the little details that mean a lot of certain people. My concern is that this song can be misunderstood by punks in the streets of many Arab countries to take it as an invitation from women to harass them on the streets as they go about their lives.

I am not in a position to make a call here, and some of these street punks do not need a song to do all the wrong things they have been doing. But it’s just a thought I had. It did not help that a guy wrote this song that expresses a lot of feelings that women are supposed to have! I for sure want to see the best for Sandy and I want her to be the best artist there is as she has shown to take both her music and her fans seriously.

Sandy – Tea’raf Te’akesny ساندى – تعرف تعاكسنى

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