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The Love Duet By The Versatile @hossamhabib And The Wonderful @sherine

Sherine and Hossam Habib just got together and released a duet and it’s magical. It’s been a long time since we had a good Arabic duet but two of Egypt’s most popular stars got together and recorded a song and captured it in a music video for the ages. Diva Sherine brings her stature and her emotions with that diamond like voice. Hossam brings his charm, his music savvy and smooth voice and we are all winners. The title sets the mood, Every time I sing…as in that one truism in life even music sounds so much better when we have love in our hearts.

The song came as a surprise to me perhaps as surprising as that new look for Hossam Habib. This is romantic experience that offers so many different things to each of the listeners. Hossam’s music eases us into it and Sherine breaks it for us and she does this girl in love so well here. This is an Egyptian song that has man international signatures on it thanks in large to the crew and the talents that appear in front of the camera and behind it.

There is an American (John Perez) music video director (Daragiu Bogdan), a Romanian in charge of filming. This is a song that is been green lit by Nogoum Records as they prepare the release of Hossam Habib’s latest album. The song really shows how when in love, life becomes so amazing and all things around us just work out. Love the Spanish guitar that brings the best in Sherine’s dress. So much for nature and these exotic locations are so captivating. Hossam is aiming higher and going big for his new comeback geared for this fall. Hossam’s sense of style is just refreshing, his attention to details even in his selection of his shoes shows.

The presence of Sherine guarantees this song will a good exposure and longevity. This is a good song that allows us to slow down and take a break from this fast paced life. Enjoy the little things.

Sherine and Hossam Habib – Kol Maghanni / شيرين وحسام حبيب – كل ما أغني

إنتاج Nogoum Records

كلمات / محمد سرحان
ألحان / حسام حبيب
توزيع / El Nabulsi
ميكساج / Sakr
وتريات / Pete Whitfield
جيتار / Ramon Stagnaro
بركشن هندي / Tanvir Singh
تسجيل الوتريات و البركشن / RealString Studios , Manchester – England

الفواصل الموسيقية تأليف / El Nabulsi

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