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Moroccan Sensation @saadlamjarred1 Breaks The Internet AGAIN #GHALTANA

Saad Lamjarred thinks outside the box and the fans reward him for it. The Moroccan hit-maker had the best hit last year and this year he is about to do it again in such a way that will break the internet. Saad did released a good hit few months ago and he filmed it in a music video with his family and it got millions of views, but it was a consolation prize. But now comes the big treat….

“Ghaltana” or “Mistaken” is that new hit and it’s festive music video and the same wonderful music you have come to expect from this brilliant entertainer. “The Modern Nomad” takes on the Moroccan desert with lots of characters like you would run into at the country fair. There are elements from that viral music video more than a year ago. There are so much thinking and money spent on this production. Feels a bit like that American blockbuster Mad Max in a good way.

Saad is back some another cultural bomb that will cement his status as the number one Arab artist, which is refreshing form Moroccan music. Saad is a rock star and his secret is in his very local appeal that goes international because if has legs and depth. Saad is really convincing many young Arabs to tune in into Arabic pop after they have checked out because it started to become tired. He is making it cool…and he is pretty much himself. How can you not love his bit of Air guitar?

Saad Lamjarred – GHALTANA (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | (سعد لمجرد – غلطانة (فيديو كليب حصري

P.S. Why is this a commercial for that soft drink company?

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