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New Album 2016: The Long Awaited Comeback of @EhabTawfik Is Here

It seems Ehab Tawfik has finally found his way home. the 90’s pop star has been really a top name up until the mid 00’s then he fizzled. He did have a phase where he did religious songs and tried a number of things that did not work out for him but it took him a decade to find his way back to the pop world where he belongs.

The beloved star released a new album and it seems upbeat and optimistic about love. Sure he is now older than many of us, but he is still got the voice and hunger to being what he once was. Ehab is a good guy who was an A lister for a while and he released the coolest music videos. He was also versatile in his tracks he did powerful blue sour romance tracks that made people sop but he also did the funky party dance songs that were on every wedding playlist. He is doing the same thing here and has a new look that shows he does not age–not even one bit.

There are 12 tracks and a music video for the head song. the music video is pretty interesting it starts with a mix of Ehab Tawfik’s finest old songs and the news about his trip to LA where his fans want to go see him live. I like that, he is the life of the party and this track brings out the party and connects us with those fun 90’s year. Ehab has a good hit and I like him for it. There are many models in this music video and selfies taking Ehab into the new age.

01 – E7sase 2ali
02 – 36 7ta
03 – Aywa Omal Eih
04 – 2ol Allah
05 – Kol Youm Y7lawo
06 – Elly 5an Yt5an
07 – 3omrey Ma Ansa
08 – 3rft M3ak
09 – Halbadlak
10 – Taleq
11 – Kabrna Elly Msa8rna
12 – Bl3arabi 7beny

Ehab Tawfik – Kol Youm Yehlaw إيهاب توفيق – كل يوم يحلو

Here are all the songs from the album in one playlist

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