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Published on August 8th, 2016 | by hotarabic


A New Album By Carole Samaha Hits The Stores @CAROLE_SAMAHA

Carole Samaha did it again this year. Few months ago, we saw her album and are impressed by this musician who despite being the best vocalist in more than a decade, remains one of the smartest and most exciting voices in Arabic and Lebanese pop. For the way the album is made, it’s easy to tell that Carloe invests in both her work and in her talent. While she offers many wonderful pop hits in this album where happy and sad songs are delivered to perfection. But there are those funky and humorous songs as well.

Not to stop there, Carole goes the distance. Take for example Zekrayati is such a powerful song that was not cheap to make. Such a delightful musical treat with the live orchestra. And there is that emotional roller coaster song slike “Rouh Fell” and “Mokhlessa”, these tracks stay with you. Sure thing I fell in love with “Sohabi” about the nostalgic days with the best of friends. Carole makes songs from the soul and she knows which ones you will like at what time. While she is entertaining many of us, she is also shaping a legacy that forty years form now will still stand. Aside from her music, Carole has met a lot of success in her personal life with family and friends.

It was 2000 when I heard my first song by Carole Samaha about children of the world and their struggle. Now she has morphed into a world-class artist who is really more than a pop star. There are not many wholesome,smart and social aware artists in Arabia like Carole. She seems to be connected with people in more ways than music.

01 – Rouh Fell
02 – Ana Sharak
03 – Mokhlessa
04 – Aziza
05 – Sohabi
06 – Ya Leil Nassini
07 – Hayda Adari
08 – Zekrayati
09 – Merci
10 – Ghayyart Mabadi
11 – Lebnane

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