Published on August 10th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Pro Assad Sham FM Radio Embarrasses Itself With Aleppo Songs

The popular and capable radio Sham FM made a mistake. They put forth songs for Aleppo assuming that the Syrian army was gonna liberate the second largest city in the country. Well that did not happen and the songs that praise the regime are not just a bad joke. Take for example the lovely lady diva and first lady of the Syrian song Mayada Henawy released this song with the radio about how special Aleppo is…it was released during the fight for the city which from what I gather did not go the way of the Syrian president. So the timing is way off and yes they are right Aleppo is an awesome place.

Another singer who released a song for the Syrian city was Samar Abdel Aziz who also released a single for the city and promising to be back to the city. The fight is certainly not over in Aleppo there is still a siege and fighting here and there but it’s not going in the same directions the Russians have envisioned.

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