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Published on August 20th, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Grand Saudi Singer Mohammad Abdo Wants Everthing Back

The Godfather of Saudi song might be an old man but he is working harder than many of his young peers. The iconic Saudi singer has been singing for half a century it seems and from the way he has been working in 2015, it looks like he still have a lot more in him to give.

No surprise that Abdo gets getting new material in poems and he is asked to sing them by royal figures who want to hear their craft turned into a song by the golden throat and the finest singer in the entire kingdom. Abdo seems to embrace those who ask him and he delivers their poems into songs. And iTunes makes a lot of money because what do Saudis do all day? Eat meet and rice, waste time on Facebook, pray and download music all day.

“Kell Shay” is his latest gift to his fans, a sober song about love and what could have been. Memories are a powerful things and nostalgia is a dangerous game. He is pleasing with his lover to give him back everything that he has missed on this life.

Mohammad Abdo … Kell Shay | محمد عبده … كل شيء

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