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Published on September 13th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Akmal Your Second Favorite Pop Star Releases A New Album #Sayeb_Alama

Akmal has always been a cool guy to his many fans. Sadly, this pop star never was considered an A list singer. At most he is a B list singer though his songs can be A list and awesome. I like his new album with nine tracks. Akmal is considered one of these names with a big name recognition but can you match the name with a hit song? It would not be easy. He has a good run in the mid 00’s and so glad to see he is trying to stage another comeback. Akmal pays the bills by singing at private parties and concerts.

The new album helps him do that, keep his name out there and the gigs are coming. Frankly, there are at least three brilliant songs on this album (love the all Egyptian dance melodies), they are catchy, and happy. Akmal new album is an addition to his career, I hope at least one hits from the album finds its way to the mainstream. I know many of his fans are those who like music but do not like to listen to that one star that everyone likes so much. They like a singer like Akmal because he is their own pop star.

01 – Ebed Anny
02 – Anany
03 – Bakety
04 – Ayamy
05 – El Ektrab Mamnoua
06 – Mastghnash Ano
07 – Haymoot
08 – Sayeb Alama
09 – Wala Ghalta

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