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Published on September 15th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Assala Finally Finds The Perfect (And Most Real) #Syria Song @AssalaOfficial

Syrian diva, Assala caught a lot of heat for her firm stand on Syria, she started pro opposition but now years into it she has not wavered but rather still see the humanitarian struggle that’s happening in that country–away form politics. Assala still does not like the Syrian regime and the war there (who does!) But after being attacked by her Syrian peers and her own family and then feeling pressured during her work trips to Lebanon. Assala gave us radio silence on the issue and that helped a bit.

So on the day of Eid, Assala has finally found and shared with us a song that speaks what’s on her mind. She came back with a creative concept for a duet with the help of her friend Ahmed Fahmy. The song is real in the sense that Assala tries to bury her head in the sand and pretend to be distracted by those house chores. Then comes the moment when Assala sees her little girl sleeping and her emotions come poring.

The song has a big heart and it’s gut wrenching, then Assala goes in that full Assala vocal powerhouse mode and delivers her finest and most passionate vocal performance that really shook me to my every core. The song is about having too much pain that no one else can relate. My hear has died sings Assala. Syrians have scattered around the globe, taking their homeland with them to every corner.

Bravo Assala, you owned this song and delivered a stunning message that will go far, I hope

Assala ft. Ahmed Fahmy – Eish Sokkar Watan

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