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Surprise! Hussain Al Jassmi Brings Hope And Smiles To Iraq ‫#‏كلنا_العراق‬⁩

In a new song, the UAE number one singer Hussain Al Jassmi dedicated a new track for the people of Iraq as he declared he wants to give them hope and see them smile. Really cool thing to do for Iraqis who have seen a God awful years since the 2003 invasion but so many worse days in 2016 with these mass murdered and bombs due to sectarian bloodbath.

Usually we welcome anyone who wants to do good in this dark world of ours, but Hussain Al Jassmi has been challenged lately by many Arab observers who have concluded joking or otherwise that anytime the hit-maker sings for a place, a person or a country that place goes south. They cite he sang for Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Barcelona soccer club, the Saudi king, and Paris–maybe even London. And all these places/people have been seeing difficult times. Hard to imagine that his bad luck will make matters worse in Iraq. Thins are awful.

I like the positive feel that shows life in Iraq, we are all Iraq goes the song. The song says Iraq is Arab at a time when the Persian army has all but occupied the country. The song has some reality check as well, but we need to see the positive images from the streets of Iraq, it’s people make the country not any place. The Kurd are giving a sweet recognition in this song- their culture, country and lifestyles are all there. Soccer also is important in bringing unity to the country. I love what Hussain Al Jassmi did here, I think we all need to change our outlook and see the positive in all things.

حسين الجسمي – كلنا العراق (فيديو كليب حصري) | 2016

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