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The Damascus King of Pop, Houssam Jneed

Houssam Jneed is a god among his fans. The Syrian pop star has built something of a cult fellowship, an army made out of many young guys who await each of his releases by the second. Though he has not been around for very long, his voice and his songs will be with us for a long time.  That’s because Houssam Jneed sings his heart and his passion is heard to contain within himself, so he shares it.

His songs are awesome if you want to dance, fall in love, but they are also great in lyrcis that allows the listener to reflect and think about their own romantic life. Here’s his latest release as you would expect it;’s filled with enrgey and youth spirit that drives this world of ours.
حسام جنيد – بفرح فيكي 2016 Houssam Jneed – Befrah Feke

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