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Egyptian Film #Saber_Google And This Cheesy Love Song

Khaled Selim did this song for an Egyptian film starring the one hit wonder Mohamed Rajab (yes the actor that always plays a womanizer and can make anything sound sexual) I like Khaled he is awesome, and this song is decent…what is not cool is the images form the film that accompany the song.

Rajab is just not an convincing actor to me–he is merely behaving. Someone told him he is a star and all of us are now paying for it. The lady who shared the screen is so plastic-y and buried behind makeup too. So these guys are dealing drugs and painting unrealistic expectations for relationships. I do not mean to be mean, but the kind of character Rajab portrays invite sexual harassment and hostile actions by males thinking they are being funny.

The film has little to do with reality. This is why the film is now resting last in the revnues for Egyptain cinemas.
اغنية خالد سليم – أحلى وردة – من فيلم صابر جوجل

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